Flashback to the Future: Revisiting the 2019 Nware Aurora

A simpler time? Perhaps. But for gamers, it was a year marked by a technological leap into the future with the arrival of the Nware Aurora. This beast of a machine wasn’t just another high-end PC; it was a statement – a glimpse of what gaming rigs could be. In this nostalgic journey, we’ll revisit the 2019 Nware Aurora, dissecting its specs, exploring its impact, and pondering its legacy. Buckle up, fellow tech enthusiasts, as we blast through the past!

A Spectacle of Speed and Style

The 2019 Nware Aurora wasn’t shy about flaunting its power. Packing a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM, it was a monster capable of churning through the most demanding AAA titles at eye-watering frame rates and with stunning visuals. But the specs weren’t the only showstoppers.

Aesthetics of the Future: The Aurora sported a sleek, angular design with customizable LED lighting that pulsed and shifted like a cyberpunk dreamscape. It wasn’t just powerful; it looked like it belonged in a spaceship cockpit.

Cooling Like a Champ: Keeping this beast under control was a custom liquid cooling system, ensuring optimal performance even under the heaviest load. The transparent side panel showcased the mesmerizing dance of coolant, adding another layer of visual flair.

Storage for Days: With a 64GB SSD for lightning-fast boot times and a 1TB HDD for your game library, the Aurora never left you wanting for storage space.

Breaking Boundaries, Setting Trends

The Aurora wasn’t just a powerful PC; it was a harbinger of change. It pushed the boundaries of what desktop gaming could be, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Its impact was undeniable:

Raising the Bar: The Aurora set a new benchmark for high-end gaming PCs, forcing other manufacturers to up their game. It became a symbol of cutting-edge technology and performance.

Customization Craze: The customizable LED lighting sparked a trend for personalized PCs, with gamers eager to make their rigs stand out and reflect their individuality.

Liquid Cooling Goes Mainstream: The Aurora’s advanced cooling system made liquid cooling more accessible to the mainstream, paving the way for quieter and more efficient PCs.

A Legacy Beyond Specs

While the 2019 Nware Aurora may not be the latest and greatest anymore, its legacy lingers. It serves as a reminder of the constant evolution of gaming technology and the ever-pushing boundaries of what’s possible. It showed us that a PC can be more than just a tool; it can be a statement, a piece of art, and a glimpse into the future of gaming.


The 2019 Nware Aurora wasn’t just a gaming PC; it was an experience. It was a demonstration of raw power, stunning aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology. It pushed the boundaries and inspired countless gamers and tech enthusiasts. So, let’s raise a virtual glass to the Nware Aurora, a machine that dared to dream big and showed us what the future of gaming could hold.


  • Is the 2019 Nware Aurora still available?

While not officially produced anymore, you may find used models online through retailers or individual sellers. However, its availability and price will depend on market conditions.

  • How does the 2019 Nware Aurora compare to modern gaming PCs?

While still a capable machine, it’s been surpassed by newer hardware in terms of raw performance. However, its design and features remain innovative and visually appealing even today.

  • Is the Nware Aurora a good buy in 2023?

If you find a well-maintained unit at a reasonable price and value its unique design and features, it can still be a good choice for casual or medium-intensity gaming. However, keep in mind the availability of replacement parts and potential compatibility issues with newer software.

  • Did the Nware Aurora have any drawbacks?

The high price tag was a major barrier for many, and the unique cooling system required additional maintenance compared to traditional air-cooled PCs. Some users also reported minor issues with LED lighting and software compatibility.

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