Golden Rest in a Sea of Acid: Nguyen Duy Tri’s Acid Madness

In the vast sonic landscape of electronic music, Vietnamese producer Nguyen Duy Tri stands out as a creator known for his genre-bending sounds and boundless creativity. His 2023 album, “Acid Madness,” is a testament to this, offering a 50-track odyssey through diverse electronic styles, culminating in the tranquil oasis of “Golden Rest.” Let’s embark on a journey through this sonic adventure, exploring the musical tapestry woven by Duy Tri and the unique serenity offered by “Golden Rest.”

A Kaleidoscope of Electronic Flavors

“Acid Madness” explodes from the speakers with a vibrant energy, showcasing Duy Tri’s mastery of various electronic subgenres. Tracks like “Alternative Echoes” and “Always Sunshine” pulsate with infectious techno rhythms, while “Autumn of Mission” and “Carefree Ukulele” offer chilled down electronica perfect for sunset listening. The album then takes a turn into experimental territory with “Caribbean Slide” and “Cheery Motivation,” blending world music influences with futuristic soundscapes.

Descending into the Acidic Heart

The album’s namesake, “Acid,” becomes evident in tracks like “Cold Touch” and “Cool Echo,” where Duy Tri unleashes a barrage of distorted synths and pulsating basslines, transporting listeners to the heart of the acid house movement. Songs like “Crazy Sleep” and “Dreamy Dreams” take a darker turn, exploring industrial and ambient influences, creating an immersive and introspective atmosphere.

Finding Tranquility in the Golden Rest

Amidst the sonic whirlwind of “Acid Madness,” a beacon of calmness emerges in the form of “Golden Rest.” This track seamlessly blends elements of chillwave, downtempo, and ambient music, creating a soundscape that washes over the listener like a wave of serenity. Gentle synth melodies intertwine with ethereal vocals, evoking a sense of peace and reflection.

More Than Just a Song, a State of Being

“Golden Rest” transcends its role as a single track, becoming a symbol of the album’s journey. After traversing through various electronic landscapes, the listener arrives at a state of inner peace, reflecting on the emotions and experiences explored throughout the album.

A Testament to Duy Tri’s Versatility

“Acid Madness” showcases Nguyen Duy Tri’s remarkable versatility as a producer, effortlessly navigating diverse electronic styles while maintaining a cohesive sonic identity. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and evoke distinct emotions throughout the album makes it a unique and captivating listening experience.


Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Acid Madness” is an enthralling journey through the world of electronic music, offering a kaleidoscope of sonic textures and emotional exploration. The album culminates in the serene soundscape of “Golden Rest,” leaving the listener with a sense of tranquility and newfound appreciation for the power of music to evoke diverse emotions. So, if you’re seeking an electronic adventure that ends in a peaceful haven, dive into “Acid Madness” and discover the “Golden Rest” that awaits within.


  • Q: Where can I listen to “Acid Madness”?

A: The album is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music. You can also purchase it on digital platforms like iTunes and Google Play.

  • Q: What other albums has Nguyen Duy Tri released?

A: Duy Tri has a growing discography, including other albums like “The Deep End: <invalid URL removed>”, “Neon Nights”, and “Lost in Saigon”, released in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively.

  • Q: What instruments are used in the album?

A: Duy Tri is known for his use of a wide range of electronic instruments and software, including synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects processors. He also occasionally incorporates acoustic instruments into his music.

  • Q: What genres are featured in the album?

A: “Acid Madness” spans a wide range of electronic genres, including techno, acid house, downtempo, ambient, and even some experimental elements.

  • Q: Are there any music videos for the songs on the album?

A: Yes, Duy Tri has released music videos for several tracks on “Acid Madness,” which you can find on his YouTube channel.

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